About us

Dear guest, 

welcome on our official website. Let us introduce ourselves. We are an organization that has only one goal: educate the dog-owners as well as professionals on a high quality level. We would like to show the potential of canine rehabilitation and physiotherapy and the importance of this specialization to the public. 

Now, we organize a one day or weekend courses of different topics (Reconditioning massages, Manual therapy in accordance with Dorn rules, Aromatherapy for small animals, Trigger points, The basics of orthopedy for rehabilitation, Kinesiotaping, Balancing techniques). 

The head of the project, Bc. Katerina Plackova,CCRP (Degree from the University of Tenessee) is the best in the Czech Republic and the surrounded area and the first person who started to practice canine rehabilitation in the Czech Republic under the supervision of the best veterinarian doctor.  

Katerina works in the canine rehabilitation for more than 10 years and now she runs her own Center for canine rehabilitation called PhysioDOG, which is one of the best equipped centers in the Czech Republic. 

This project closely cooperate with professionals and we present our work also at Universities in the Czech Republic and abroad (Slovakia, Egypt and many others). The importance of the cooperation with the professionals, perfect organization of the courses and cooperation with the graduates are on the top of our priorities. We provide students with our own study materials and we open new and new courses every year to keep the graduates informed and in touch with other people from this field. 

Would you like to cooperate with us?

If you are interested in our project and you would like to start the cooperation or get some more information about us, do not hesitate to contact us on the e-mail address: